4 thoughts on “Vasgevang In Die Antichris Sisteem

  1. Indien jy nog na daai boek soek kan jy dit verkry by Hannes se winkel by Montana Traders. Dit is in die Suidelike blok gelee – naaste aan Veda laan.

  2. Dear Lizelle, Does dr Hannes know that professrs dr B.F. Westcott & F. J. Hort of the University of Cambridge School of Divinity in Brittian, were agnostic bishops in the ANGLICAN CHURCH, an offshoot of the Roman Catholic Church, and not in the Presbyterian Church, which began in the USA?
    Secondly, does dr Hannes know about all the Greek New Testament manuscript texts written in Unctials (block capital letters) which have been discovered in Egypt since 1930? The Gospels are housed in the Library of Dublin, Ireland. The Gospel of John has been variously dated between 185 AD & 220 AD. The Letters of Paul are housed in the Library of the University of Michigan, USA. Up till recently, these were dated about 200 AD. The latest research indicates that they probably date from 70 AD to 100 AD. Not that it affects our topic of the text of the Textus Receptus, because the above predate the spurious texts used by our modernistic New Age Bibles by 100 years.
    Please note that I’m not surmising that because they’re the oldest, they must be the best & most trustworthy. Research has shown that they agree WORD-FOR-WORD WITH THE TEXTUS RECEPTUS. My God has not left me in the dark about which Bibles are THE WORD OF GOD. The Word was made Flesh……He spoke only what He heard our Father in heaven say, and He said that heaven and earth will pass away, but His Words will not pass away.
    This is not criticism. But we must base what we preach on knowledge of the truth, under the guidance of the Holy Ghost. He WILL GUIDE US INTO ALL TRUTH or He is a liar like the world.

  3. My apologies: the Presbyterian Church was founded by John Knox in Scotland, not in USA. It was taken to USA in 1700 (the Quakers); also an offshoot of the Roman Catholics. I applaud your support for the preservation of the Word of God. People like you are used of God to ensure that His Word will not pass away. Greetings in Christ. Mike Vorster

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